Timing Tool BMW N62 N73

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Engine Cam Camshaft Alignment Timing Locking Tool is Compatible with Repair and Replace of BMW N62 N73 Engines

  • Use for locating and setting the intake and exhaust camshaft at TDC when adjusting/setting camshaft timing, timing chain replacement, or valvetrain work.
  • Kit includes: - 2 steel block setting fixtures, TDC locating pin
  • For use on the following N62 and N73 engines:
  • BMW N62: ,N62B36: (2002-2003) E65, E66 735i, 735Li, N62B40: E60, E61 540i Touring Sedan
  • See extensive list in further information below:
  • For use on the following N62 and N73 engines: BMW N62: N62B36: (2002-2003) E65, E66 735i, 735Li N62B40: E60, E61 540i Touring Sedan N62TU, N73, N53 (X5, 4.4i .4.8is) ,E60 (540i, 550i),E63 (645Ci, 650i) E65/E66 740i/740Li N62B44 2004 E53 X5 4.4i 2002-2004 E65/E66 745i/745Li 2004 E60/E61 545i 2004 E63/E64 645Ci 2005-Present Morgan Aero 81 N62B48 2005-Present E53 X5 4.8iSA SAV 2002-Present E65/E66 750i/750Li 2006-Present E60/E61 550i Sedan and Touring 2006-Present E63/E64 650i Coupé and Convertible N73B60 E65/E66 760i/760Li Alignment fixtures that locate and position the intake and exhaust camshafts in the TDC position when the timing chain is serviced or removed for any front-engine or cylinder head service tasks. * One TDC locking pin that is used to locate the crankshaft at TDC (Top Dead Center). BMW N62, N62TU, N73, E53 (X5 4.4i, 4.8is), E60(540i, 545i, 550i), E61 (545i, 550i), E63 (645 Ci, 650i). 1 Bracket with bolt - when checking or adjusting camshaft timing on BMW N62, N62TU, N73 1 camshaft alignment pin - for locking flywheel in TDC position on BMW N40, N42, N62, N62TU, N73. Applicable: BMW engine models N62 & N73. - Use the tool to fix on the input/output crankshaft to adjust the interval of crankshaft. - It could check the crankshaft interval(smaller than 0.5mm). - Contents: Fixture A for input crankshaft x1 Fixture B for output crankshaft x1 Support with screw x1