Camshaft Timing Tool Set BMW N62 N73

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Special Timing Tool. Camshaft Cam Alignment Valve and VANOS Timing Tool is Compatible with Repair and Replace of BMW N62 N73 Engines

  • It is a comprehensive master tool kit necessary to set cam, valve and VANOS timing on the following engine families: N62 (V8) and N73 (V12).
  • Kit includes: - Camshaft alignment fixture to align and retain camshafts at TDC position.
  • - Timing pin to lock crankshaft at TDC while performing engine timing service - Rigid chain tensioner
  • - Crankshaft holding wrench including spacers to engine block Gauge for measuring torque-angle when torqueing central crankshaft bolt (includes indicator and pointer)
  • Crankshaft turning socket (27mm)
  • Fits These Models: N62 and N73 Engines N62B36 2002-2003 E65/E66 735i/735Li N62B40 E60/E61 540i Sedan and Touring (Only in Europe) E65/E66 740i/740Li N62B44 2004 E53 X5 4.4i 2002-2004 E65/E66 745i/745Li 2004 E60/E61 545i 2004 E63/E64 645Ci 2005-Present Morgan Aero 8[[1]] N62B48 2005+ E53 X5 4.8iSA SAV 2002+ E65/E66 750i/750Li 2006+ E60/E61 550i Sedan and Touring 2006+ E63/E64 650i Coupè and Convertible N73B60