Oil Pump Primers GM and Ford 1/4 5/16 - Set of 3

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3 Oil Pump Primer Tools The 1/4", 5/16" Hex are Applicable for use with Ford Engines and Primer for GM Chevrolet Big Small Block and 4.3L Engines

  • Prime lubricating system of rebuilt engine prior to first start to prevent damage of dry start
  • Set of 3 Oil Primers Tools - Tool Set is compatible with all popular Ford V8's and GM Chevy V8 engines. Also will fit GM 4.3L
  • One primer has 1/4 inch hex shape formed in tool end, other primer has 5/16 inset, GM Primer has metal coupler to interface to oil pump drive shaft
  • All 3 Primers have Triangle Shaped Drive End to eliminate drill chuck slippage. For use with any hand drill. Black Oxide finish
  • All 3 Primers have Aluminum bushing to insert in manifold for centering of tool