Small Hole Gauge Set

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4pc Small Hole Gauge Set 1/8" to 1/2" (3mm to 13mm) Full Round Spherical Shaped Hardened

  • Set of 4 tools: Range: 1/8" - 1/2" (3mm - 13mm) , Use easy to adjust full ball hole gages for very accurate measurements
  • Measuring Ranges/Probe Depth (English) 0.125inch to 0.200inch/0.880inch, 0.200 to 0.300"/1.200", 0.300 to 0.400"/1.600", and 0.400 to 0.500"/1.600"
  • Measuring Ranges/Probe Depth (Metric) 3.175mm to 5.08mm/22.35mm, 5.08mm to 7.62mm/30.48mm, 7.62mm to 10.16mm/40.64mm, and 10.16mm to 12.70mm/40.64mm
  • Fully Hardened Gaging Surface Full Round with Flat Bottom, Includes Fitted Case
  • Spherical measuring faces hardened, Tool adjustment shaft Satin chrome finish
  • The split ball contacts are hardened for greater accuracy and longer tool life. Knurled knob at handle for size adjustment Full round gauging surface with flat bottom. Case Easy to adjust Spherical measuring faces hardened Satin chrome finish