Garage Door Weather Seal - 16 Foot

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Garage Door Bottom Threshold Weather Seal 14' to 16' Long Heavy Duty EPDM 16 Foot Can Be Cut to Size

  • Seal is actually 18' long, cut to your size. Keep your garage cleaner, drier and quieter. Threshold protects garage doors by keeping them off the ground and out of the water.
  • EPDM synthetic rubber withstands extreme temperatures without cracking
  • Seal Keeps Garages Cleaner, Dryer, Quieter while keeping Rain, Snow, Debris, Pests out of garage
  • Energy saver for homes with attached garages
  • Fits up to 18 foot wide RV garage doors, can be cut to fit if required
  • Brand New Individually wrapped in box 16 Foot Long Garage Door Threshold is made of EPDM Heavy Duty Rubber Material for prolonged life. The threshold has 6 ribbed surface back-plane for correct adhesive leveling guaranteeing the best adhesion to your cement garage floor. The threshold seal is placed so that the rounded lip is facing towards the elements to keep out rain, insects, vermin's, leaves, you name it .... just stay out of the garage. Seal can be used with your favorite construction adhesives like Loctite 375, Liquid Nails Polyurethane, etc Best to allow the seal to unroll and/or place in the sun to improve the pliability and flatness to ease the installation.