Flooring Jack for Hardwood Floors

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  • Hand Free Nailing of Hardwood Flooring. Can be used with any floor thickness
  • Now with FELT protected bottom and end surfaces to avoid damage the flooring for Carefree installation of hardwood floors
  • Always have straight floorboards by bringing crooked planks into place for nailing
  • Steel Jack, Hardened Dual Gear mechanism, spring loaded ratchet mechanism for locking
  • Can be used as push or pull designed to push or pull flooring strips into place
  • Steel Jack, Hardened Gears, spring loaded ratchet mechanism Easy to use ratcheting mechanism (ratchet downward to force, push lever utmost forward to release gear drive mechanism) Can be used as push or pull designed to push or pull flooring strips into place and hold them tightly for hands-free nailing. Operation Instructions: The jack sits on top of your flooring and gains leverage against a wall or a wall-stud. Use the lever handle to ratchet the faceplate against a stationary surface. When a stud location cannot found, a board long enough to span the distance of the studs can be used to rest against and keep you from breaking through the drywall. Continue to ratchet until the tool floor catch draws the flooring to the desired position. The jack can be left in place while you nail down the flooring strip. To release the jack, simply push the handle to full forward position and pull the jack base. When not near a wall or cabinet, the jack can be used mid-floor by screwing a scrap board to the sub-floor and using the jack at that location Under the toe kick of a cabinet, the jack can be used to tighten boards and hold them in place for hands-free nailing. Rack dimensions: 12-5/8" L X 1" W x 5/8" T Rack plate dimensions: 1-7/8" L x 4-5/8" W x 1-1/2" H Lifting plate dimensions: 2" W x 9-1/16: H x 1/4" T Gear diameter: 1" Gear shaft bolt thread: 3/8" x 24 NPT 14 teeth