Engine VANOS Timing Belt Crankshaft Lock Tool Set BMW

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Compatible with Repair and Replace of BMW M42 50 52 60 Engine Timing Chain and Belt - Gas Petrol Diesel Engine Timing Tool for VANOS

  • This comprehensive set of tools enables the correct timing positions to be achieved on both camshaft and crankshaft while replacing the timing belt or chain on both gasoline and diesel engines.
  • Includes special wrench for controlled turning of the exhaust camshaft sprocket when removing and installing the VANOS unit.
  • Includes primary Timing Chain Pre-Load tool for tensioning the timing chain on M50 engines.
  • For use with BMW M42, M50, M52, M60 Gasoline and Diesel engines - SEE APPLICATION LIST BELOW and in products details
  • Contents: Crankshaft locking tool BMW: 2.5L TD, TDS, Land Rover: 2.5L D Turbo, Opel: 2.5L D Turbo engines Timing chain pre-tensioner tool Crankshaft locking tool BMW: 4-cylinder SOHC 8V 1.6L 1.8L 1.9L 2.0L 4-cylinder DOHC 16V 1.6L 6-cylinder DOHC 24V VANOS 2.0 2.5 2.8 3.0 gas engines Camshaft locking tool BMW: SOHC 24V 5.0, SOHC Aluminum 5.4 gas engines VANOS timing belt tension tool BMW: 6-cylinder DOHC 24V 2.0, 2.5, 6-cylinderDOHC 24V VANOS 2.0 2.5 2.8 3.0 gas engines Chain-tension setting tool BMW: 2.5 TD, TDS, Land Rover: 2.5 D Turbo, Opel: 2.5 D Turbo engines Camshaft locking tool for BMV: 4- and 6-cylinder 2.0D 16V 1.8 2.0 2.5 3.0D eng Application: BMW: 325 TDS (E36) 525 TD LCI (E34) 525 TD (E39) 525 TDS (E34) 252 TDS LCI (E34) 525 TDS (E39) 725 TDS (E38) 316i (E36) 316i LCI (E36) 318i (E36) 318i LCI (E30) 318i M (E36) 318Ci (E46) 318i (E46) 318is (E36) 318ti (E36) 320i (E36) 320Ci (E46) 320 (E21) 323i (E36) 323ti (E36) 325i (E36) 328i (E36) 518i (E34) 518i LCI (E34) 520I (E34) 520i (E39) 523i (E39) 525i (E34) 525ix (E34) 528i (E39) 728i (E38), 728iL (E38) 750i (E32) 750iL (E32) 750i (E38) 750iL (E38) 850i (E31) 318d LCI (E46) 320d (E46) 320Cd LCI (E46) 320d LCI (E46) 320td (E46) 325d (E90) 325d M LCI (E90) 325d A LCI (E90), 325d (E91) 325d M LCI (E91) 325d A LCI (E91) 330d (E46) 330d LCI (E46) 330xd (E46) 330xd LCI (E46) 330d (E90) 330xd (E90) 330d (E91) 330xd (E91) 330d (E92) 330xd (E92) 330d (E93) 330d M LCI (E90) 330d A LCI (E90) 330d M LCI (E91) 330d A LCI (E91) 335d (E90) 335d A LCI (E90) 335d (E91) 335d A LCI (E91), 335d (E92) 335d A (E92) 520d LCI (E39) 525d LCI (E39) 525d M LCI (E60) 525xd M LCI (E60) 525xd M LCI (E61) 525d M (F10) 525d A (F10) 525d xDrive M (F10) 525d xDrive A (F10) 530d (E39) 530d LCI (E39) 530d (E60) 530xd (E60) 530d (E61) 530d M LCI (E60) 530xd M LCI (E60) 530d M LCI (E61) 530xd M LCI (E61) 530d M (F10) 530d A (F10) 530d xDrive M (F10) 530d xDrive A (F10) 535d M LCI (E60) 535d A (F10) 635d A LCI (E64) 730d A LCI (E38)