Digital Timing Light with Advance

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Digital Ignition Timing Light Xenon Inductive 0 to 92 Degree Tach Advance w/ RPM Readout

  • Digital Timing Light with up to 92° advance. Set timing advance while monitoring RPM readout on your 2 or 4 stroke engine
  • INCLUDES Extra Inductive pickup cable incase you burn on exhaust. LCD Display shows RPM and DEGREES. 2 Stroke or 4 Stroke selectable switch
  • Tool is Trigger activated, Clamp-on metal inductive pickup, 4 ft. detachable leads
  • High Impact Bright ABS housing, Bright xenon bulb. IOS 9001 CE ROSH Certified
  • Works to 9990 RPM, Works with all 12 -16 Volt systems, Consumes 3.6W. Detailed instruction manual included