CV Joint Removal Tool Fixture

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Constant Velocity Joint CV Ball Cage Separator Remover Puller Tool 95mm Capacity VJ

  • For removing CV joints on front wheel drive cars without removing the drive shaft.
  • Keeps hands free for releasing retaining clip. Made of high quality steel, Durable design.
  • Quickly removes the CV joint from the drive shaft without damaging the joint
  • Maximum CV Joint Diameter: 95mm (3.750") Maximum; Maximum CV Joint Length: 230mm (9.05")
  • Instructions: 1. Place the splined end of the axle through the round hole of the the cage tool. 2. Pull the joint boot back and align the cage cross member with the detent or axle diameter change in the drive axle. Tighten the cross member to the axle. 3. Now secure the cage cross member to the cage frame such that the drive axle splined threaded end will be exposing 3-4 threads so that the rotor nut with washer can be threaded onto the axle. Apply some lubricant to the washer and to the lock nut. 4. Next screw the lock nut until the lock ring inside the joint releases the joint from the axle. The pulling of the nut caused by the nut being tightened in conjunction with the axle being secured by the cage will result in the CV joint being separated within the cage tool.