Chamber Hone 12 Gauge 800 Grit

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Brush Research 00054 Chamber Flex-Hone, Aluminum Oxide, 12 Gauge, 800 Grit BRM

  • [QUALITY]- Proudly made in the USA. The FLEX-HONE improves firearm performance. Designed specifically for Shotgun Chambers.
  • [IMPROVES THE FINISH]- The FLEX-HONE will produce a smooth and consistent finish improving emptying and reloading
  • [QUICK AND EASY]- Efficiently removes oxidation and corrosion resulting in a more polished smoothbore with a beautiful finish
  • [IMPROVE ACCURACY]- The superior surface finish results in greater accuracy, reduced wear and longer life for your shotgun.

Brush Research’s FLEX-HONE® tool has now been specially crafted for a wide range of Firearms applications. The FLEX-HONE® for Firearms tool quickly and easily produces the optimum plateau surface finish in any type or size cylinder, slide, chamber, magazine tube or smooth bore barrel. Any smooth bore on your firearm can benefit from a quick Flex-Honing, including the barrel bore on your shotgun. By using the FLEX-HONE® tool you can quickly, safely and thoroughly clean out any damage that has occurred from oxidation and corrosion, blend out scratches and remove the nicks that cause plastic adhesion. The FLEX-HONE® will produce a smooth finish that will prevent plastic from building up as quickly in the future. The abrasive globules on flexible nylon filaments remove the built up residue and leave a superior surface resulting in greater accuracy, reduced wear and longer life for your shotgun.