Camshaft Alignment Timing Tool 26-7/8in Long VW Audi V6 A4 A6

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Camshaft Cam Alignment Timing Tool is Compatible with Repair and Replace of VW Audi A4 A6 V6 30V Includes 3391 and 3242 Pin

  • ONLY Applicable to V6 5-valve engines compatible with VW Audi platforms from 1997-2005
  • Use to hold and lock both camshafts at TDC position when replacing timing belt.
  • Anodized Cam Holder Bar (Part 3391) - Bar can be compatible with Audi VW model years 1997 - 2005
  • Top Dead Center 18mm (diameter) Locking Pin (Part 3242) - Securely holds engine crankshaft at top dead center position for head work, timing setting, drive plate removal, etc
  • PMD Products branded Camshaft Cam Alignment Timing Locking Holder Fixture Tool Set Compatible with VW Audi V6 5-valve engines and platforms from 1997-2005 Anodized Cam Holder Bar (Part 3391) - Fits V6 5 valves per cylinder to secure both camshafts for timing adjustment and belt replacement. Model years 1997 - 2005 for A4, A6 2.4 model year 1997+ A4, A6 2.8 model year 1997+ S4 2.7 turbo model year 1997+ A4, A6, A8 2.8 30v model year 1995+ fits Pasat 2.8 30v model year 1996+, Pins will work with engine codes AHA ATQ BCY BDP Audi engine codes AAH AFC AHA AKB ART ATQ AUX AVK AWN AYS BBD BCY BEL BFM BHF BNK BSB Pin is 18mm in diameter, 45mm overall length Note - Cam bar holder fixture will not work with 2002 3.0L V6 4-cam engines