Brush Research BC214LA FLEX-HONE®, 2.250" (57.2mm) Diameter, 1000/1200 Grit, Levigated Alumina Abrasive (Pack of 1)

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  • [QUALITY]- Proudly Made in the USA. The FLEX-HONE is long lasting, lowering total cost of use compared to other brush options.
  • [DESIGN]- The FLEX-HONE is manufactured to be self-centering, self-aligning and self-compensating for wear for easy use.
  • [SETUP]- Can be used in virtually any rotating spindle.
  • [LEVIGATED ALUMINA ABRASIVE]- Creates a final polish on many materials.
  • [FINISH RANGE]- Typically achieves a finish of 3 - 10 Microinch (.05 - .2 Micrometer).