Barrel Hone 20 Gauge 800 Grit

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Barrel Flex-Hone® 20 Gauge 00 grit Abrasive Brush Research BRM

20 Gauge Barrel Hone Tool is 34" long

800 Grit aluminum oxide for final barrel finish

  • 3" along shaft abrasive part and are 34" OAL.
  • Flex-Hone® part number 00053
  • Flex-Hone® tools will improve the look of your shotgun barrel, while making it easier to maintain.
  • Unique fingers gently smooth the metal, creating a more uniform surface that resists wear, corrosion and reduces fouling.
  • The end result is a more polished smooth bore with a beautiful finish.
  • For smooth bores only.
  • The stem wire is covered with a protective shrink tube coating to protect the barrel.