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Vise Grip Style Oil Filter Pliers

Vise Grip Style Oil Filter Pliers

SKU: 66568

Locking Vise Grip Style Oil Filter Wrench for 1-3/4" to 4-1/2" diameter Oil Filters

Product Features

  • This tool is extremely valuable when you are removing those stubborn oil or fuel filters or if you need to grip unusual shaped objects
  • For use with 2 1/8" to 4 5/8" filters or odd shaped objects.
  • Locking Pliers Teeth on tool lock onto filter for a no slip grip
  • 9-1/2" long handle enables reach and increases removal torque
  • Fits 2-1/8" to 4-1/2" diameter filters
  • Drop Forged Steel
  • 16 notch grips on pliers
  • Spring Cam Locking Mechanism, released with release lever
  • Patented design, Chrome Vanadium steel, Heat Treated, Drop Forged Jaws, Nickel Plated. Jaws open to handle
  • Works with all car and truck filters, Imports and Domestic.
  • This tool is also handy for use with small to large pipes, get good grip when threading onto couplers etc.