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Vacuum Pump - Handheld Pistol Grip Brass Chamber

Vacuum Pump - Handheld Pistol Grip Brass Chamber

SKU: 5180

Brake Fluid Bleeder Hand Held Vacuum Pump Tester Kit w/ Adapters Case

Works on all vehicle makes and models


  • Hand held Vacuum Pump * 2 x 2ft lengths of tubing
  • 8 Vacuum adapters
  • two 3" long tube sections to interface to bleeder cup
  • 120mL or 4-1/2 fl oz. Brake fluid reservoir container
  • Instructions

Product Description

  • Brass cylinder and cylinder head. 
  • Nylon cylinder cover and handle (wont corrode with brake fluid like aluminum models)
  • Replaceable O-ring cylinder head gasket, rubber piston ring and valves. 
  • Precise pressure gauge: 0-30inHg, 0-760mmHg. 
  • Negative pressure up to 635mmHg. 
  • Release valve. 
  • Includes all needed adapters and container to easily bleed brakes by yourself. 
  • Detailed English/German instruction manual. 
  • Blow molded hard case. 
  • Kit contains a vacuum tube, a vacuum meter, a brake fluid reservoir and adapters

Kit can be used for any application requiring vacuum source like leak tests, diaphragm testing, vacuum controlled switches, etc