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Battery Tester 500 amp load carbon pile

Battery Tester 500 amp load carbon pile

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500 Amp Carbon Pile Battery Load Tester 12V Volt to Test Batteries, Alternators, Starter

Use the 500 amp carbon pile load tester to test 12 volt batteries, alternators, regulators and starters by applying a variable load on the system to simulate operating conditions.

Separate color-coded volt and amp meters.

  • Adjustable load from 0 to 500 amps
  • Color-coded temperature compensation pass/fail chart
  • Color-coded separate amp meter
  • Ammeter reads AMPS, Amp-Hour, Battery Cold Crank
  • Voltmeter 0- 16V scale
  • Voltmeter scale reads battery condition with temperature
  • Voltmeter scale reads reads Pass/Fail
  • Includes on meter temperature compensation charge for applied battery condition
  • Heavy-duty, 4-gauge copper wire
  • Copper Battery Clamps with Color Coated Handles
  • 43" Long Cables
  • Has built in handle for portability.
  • Overall dimensions: 10-1/2" W x 5†D x 10-1/4" H