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Small Triple Axle Tire Cover (Black)

Small Triple Axle Tire Cover (Black)

SKU: 3993

29" Diameter TRIPLE AXLEWHEEL TIRE COVER for 5th wheel, enclosed Trailer Camper NEW

This new to the market in sealed package BLACK TRIPLE (covers3 tires with single vinyl cover) tire/wheelcoveris the RV Industries BEST top of the line heavy duty cover. These weather and storm proof VINYL covers are made of durable soft vinyl material withcotton backing. Water repellent and resistant.

This is our top of the line tire cover. The triple tirecover fit 26" to 29" diameter tires (all14", 15" rimmed tires). Great fortrailers to protect those expensive tires from UV dry rot and sidewall cracks. . Covers have a 3 year limited warranty.