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Tire Cover - 24-26" diameter

Tire Cover - 24-26" diameter

SKU: 30237-66

24-26" Diameter covers

(155/80/R15, 195/60/R15, 205/60/R15, 175/80/R13, 175/80/R14, 185/80/R14, 195/75/R14)

Fits to 24-26 any tire size

This set of 4 new in sealed package tire/wheel covers are the version with a metal RODsewn-in retainer for a snug and storm proof fit. The durable lightweight canvas material breathes. The set of 4 covers fit 13", 14",and smaller 15"rims. Great for winter storage or keep sun from cracking you tires. Use on tow dollies, trailers, RV, large lawn tractor tires, cars, trucks,..etc. etc. Will fit tires up to 26" in diameter. Greater than 27" the lowerportion of the tire will be exposed. These protective covers are made of canvas and are designed to breathe.