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Spare Tire Cover Fits 26\" Tire Diameter (Polar White)

Spare Tire Cover Fits 26\" Tire Diameter (Polar White)

SKU: 1758

brand Spare Tire Cover for Pop-up type campers, 14\" rimmed tires or 26\" overall tire diameter

COLOR: White

Fits: 215/60/15, 215/60/16, 215/70/14, 235/60/14, 205/70/14, 185/75/13, 195/70/14, 175/80/14,

195/75/14, 185/80/14, 155/80/15, 235/60/14, 245/60/16, 246/60/14

This brand new vinyl spare tire cover Qty 1 in SEALED in package fits 14.0\" or small 15\" rimmed spare tires usually used on pop-up campers like Coleman, Viking, etc. Designed to cover the spare tire to keep it out of the elements like road grime and UV sun-rays, protects it from dry rot cracking, plus a covered spare tire looks better than an uncovered tire. Cover is retained on the tire by a elasticized and weld cord sewn into the cover.