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Spare Tire Cover Fits 26" Tire Diameter (Black)

Spare Tire Cover Fits 26" Tire Diameter (Black)

SKU: 1738

Spare Tire Cover for Honda, Trackers, Isuzu, PathFinders, Liberty, Jeep, Blazer, S10's smaller campers or any vehicle with externally mounted tires.

Fits 14", 15"to 17" rimmed tires that fits tires that are 26" overall diameter

ONLY FITS 25 1/2 to 26 1/2" Diameter tires

This brand new vinyl spare tire cover Qty 1, pure Black color, in SEALED package fits 14" and 15" rimmed spare tires to fit a tire diameter of 26" overall. Designed to cover the spare tire to keep it out of the elements like road grime and UV sunrays, protects it from dry rot cracking, plus a covered spare tire looks better than an uncovered tire. Tire dry rot cracking is the #1 enemy for us RVers. Cover is retained on the tire by a elasticized and weld cord sewn into the cover.