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Tire Wheel Chock Clamp (2008)

Tire Wheel Chock Clamp (2008)

SKU: 2800

Wheel Tire Locking X Style Chock RV Heavy Duty

Qty 2 Chock (includes ratchet lever)

Aids in trailer stabilizing, stops rocking back and forth, stops tire shift, when engaged, the trailer wheels actually work against each other to arrest any created motion regardless of ground surface or slope
Product Features

  • Use between tandem tires
  • Locks wheels by applying opposing force to tires.
  • Extends from 1-1/2"–6"
  • Ratchet wrench with comfort bumper included. 
  • Heavy Gauge Steel with Rust resistant and inhibitive Zinc coating.
  • Handy one piece chock with an easy to use lever. 
  • Requires no additional tools to misplace or hinder operation, plus it can beeasily locked for added security and protection (lock not included).
  • Can be used with standard or larger padlock lock (not included) to resist theft
  • Lock diameter hole is 3/8" 
  • Metal tire contact pad is 2-3/8" Wide x 10" long
  • Sale is for QTY 2 Chocks (1 for each set of tandem tires on each side of trailer)
  • Rubber coated handle for comfort and grip
  • Lock nut for no hassle once preset to your tire gap distance.