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Strut Spring Compressor

Strut Spring Compressor

SKU: 22000

Macpherson Strut Spring Compressor Single Action Clamshell with Safety Bar

This single action strut spring compressor works on MacPherson struts with springs up to 7" in diameter
Tool design provides balanced pressure on two sides of the spring for easy repair or replacement of the struts.
Includes steel safety bar to secure tool with spring while removing / install strut

  • Used to safely compress Macpherson struts coil spring on most vehicles.
  • Heat Treated Forcing Screw
  • Designed for MacPherson Structs
  • Use ON or OFF vehicle
  • Maximum Diameter spring is 7"
  • Zinc coated support poles diameter 1.250" (31.5mm)
  • Support arms length: 15.250" (387 mm)
  • Recommend use lead screw with air ratchet or hand ratchet to extend life of threads
  • Tool can be flipped to change angle of spring fit
  • Quick release Safety pins to secure spring coils to tool.
  • Power coated finish, anodized hardware for longer tool life

Note: Lubricate the threads of this tool with anti-seize or grease compound to prolong the life of the center screw.