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Chain Breaker and Riveting Tool Kit

Chain Breaker and Riveting Tool Kit

SKU: 217

  • Use for light to medium duty size chains. Break and Rivet chains with this handy must have tool.
  • Suitable for breaking chains sizes up to #630
  • Suitable for Riveting Master links on Chains up to #530
  • Forged Steel C Clamp Press
  • Includes all drive pins and anvils for most chains

Kit includes:

  • C Clamp Press (Forged Steel) with screw on Knurled Steel Handle
  • Alignment Bolt * Push Bolt * Torque Lever
  • Breaking Tip Spring
  • 2.2mm breaking tip for most cam chains.
  • 2.9mm breaking tip for chains #25 - #35 (only)
  • 3.8mm breaking tip for drive chains #428 - #630
  • 2.2mm Upper Guide
  • 2.2mm Lower guide (inserts into clamp body)
  • 2 Press Plates
  • Larger lower anvil (6mm)
  • Small lower anvil (3mm)
  • Riveter tip driver
  • Formed case with instructions For chain #520 and up, it is recommend to grind the rivet head