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Oil Pump Primer - Ford 5/16 Inch

Oil Pump Primer - Ford 5/16 Inch

SKU: 20062

OIL PUMP PRIMER TOOL 5/16" Hex drive end for FORD 351 Cleveland, Windsor

Fits popular engine of 351, 400, 429, 460 cubic inches

Designed to prime the lubricating system of a
rebuilt engine prior to its first start to prevent the
damage of a dry start. It works by connecting to
the oil pump shaft through the distributor hole and inserting in oil pump.
For use with 3/8" hand drill.

  • Black Oxide finish
  • Triangle Shape Drive End to eliminate drill chuck slippage on shaft
  • Centered 5/16" Hex cut out in the tube to eliminate shaft wobble
  • Precision Aluminum bushing to insert in manifold for centering of tool