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Oil Pump Primer - GM Chevy

Oil Pump Primer - GM Chevy

SKU: 20060

OIL PUMP PRIMER TOOL GM Chevy V6 V8 Small and Big block

Fits all small and big blocks including popular sizes of 327 350 355 383 388 400 406 427 434 454

Designed to prime the lubricating system of a
rebuilt engine prior to its first start to prevent the
damage of a dry start. It works by connecting to
the oil pump shaft through the distributor hole and inserting in oil pump.
For use with 3/8" hand drill.

  • Black Oxide finish
  • Machined aluminum top distributor mount plate for perfect alignment
  • Machined Metal Coupler fits securely onto pump shaft
  • Precision machined oil passage bushing to maintain correct oil pressure while priming
  • Triangle Shaped End to eliminate drill chuck slippage
  • Aluminum bushing to insert in manifold for centering of tool