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Master Fuel Injection The Master Kit

Master Fuel Injection The Master Kit

SKU: 11000

Fuel Injection Pump Pressure Tester Test Kit 100 PSI 7 Bar for most cars truck
Kit includes rubberized gauge protector, Hoses and Adapters.

The pressure test kit allows you to test electronic and standard Continuous Injection Systems, GM throttle body, Ford EFI, Ford CFI, Honda, E & K Jetronic, Multiport Bosch AFC, GM with 7/16 x 20 test port, Chrysler 7/16 x 20 test port, GM inline adapter, Chrysler inline adapter, and Asian and European AFC.

Diagnose Fuel Intake Issues with this MASTER kit:

Features and benefits:

  • 15 metric fittings
  • 8 SAE (English standard) Fittings
  • 100 PSI fuel pressure gauge with a quick release valve
  • 7 hose assemblies with 4 paired hose adapters
  • Easy to hook up, includes the hose and all adapter clamps. 
  • Fuel injection pump pressure gauge with protective rubber boot
  • Test gasoline fuel pump pressure on most fuel injection equipped vehicle (Except for CIS-Jetronic, Bosch and GM throttle body systems)
  • Gauge calibrated from 0 - 100 PSI (0-1000 KPa)
  • Indicates if fuel pump is defective or inconsistent in pressure flow
  • Includes assorted hoses with brass fittings, brass fittings and steel clamps to work on most vehicles
  • Product instruction & blow molded case included

INCLUDES Particular Fittings FOR :

Kit Attachment #1 - Motors® 2.5L & 5.7L
(Non Multi-Port)
For vehicles with quick connect fuel filters such
as 2.5L Oldsmobile® Ciera 1989 & up, and 5.7L
Chevrolet® Caprice 1991 & up.

Kit Attachment #2 - General Motors® 2.2L
(Non Multi-Port)
1992 & up: Chevrolet® Cavalier, Pontiac®
Sunbird, Buick® Skylark, and Quad 4 equipped
Pontiac Grand Am.

Kit Hoses #3 - Hose Clamps and
Connection Hoses For use in making certain hook up connections.

Kit Attachment #4 - General Motors® Throttle
Body Injection (TBI)
Inline Adapter - Replaces fuel filter with threads
on both ends

Kit Part #5 Parts Seals, Tank Valve, and Gasket.

Kit Part #6 - Double End Barbed Hose Adapter
When vehicles require testing by splicing into
1/4", 5/16", or 3/8" fuel line hose.

Kit Adapter Part #7 - Single End Barbed Hose Adapter
All vehicles requiring end of line testing with
1/4", 5/16", or 3/8" fuel line hose.

Kit Adapter Part #8 - Honda®, Acura® & Sterling®
Multi-Port (PGM-FI) For vehicles with 6mm-1.00 fittings.
SKU 97706 For technical questions, please call 1-800-444-3353.

Kit Adapter Part #9 - #13
Asian and European vehicles with Multi-Port & Bosch® AFC
For vehicles with 8mm-1.00, 10mm-1.00, 2mm-1.25, 12mm-1.50, & 14mm-1.50 Banjo Bolts

Kit Adapter Part #14 - #23
E & K Jetronic® Systems Test CIS (Continuous Injection Systems) found
on European cars and Volkswagon® models assembled in the U.S. For vehicles with
metric threads. CISE - Test CISE (Constant Injection System
Electronic) found on European cars with metric threads

Kit Adapter Part #24 - Pressure Testing and Bleed-off Assembly
For use in performing tests with Basic Gauge (1) and Adapters.

Kit Adapter Part #25 - Ford® Multi-Port (EFI) For smaller Schrader® valves.

Kit Adapter Part #26 - General Motors®, Chrysler® & Imports with 7/16"-20
threaded test port For larger Schrader® valves on Multi-Port vehicles

Kit Adapter Part #27 Ford® CFI For 5/16" hair pin connections.

Kit Adapter Part #28 General Motors® and
Chrysler® Inline Adapter Inline Adapter for vehicles with 3/8†hair pins.

Kit Adapter Part #29 Ford® EFI For Spring Lock fittings

Kit Adapter Part #30 CIS Testing Assembly with Ball Valve
For use in testing with Basic Gauge (1), Pressure Testing, and Bleed-off Assembly (25)
and Adapters.