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Cylinder Leak Down Tester - Import

Cylinder Leak Down Tester - Import


Engine Cylinder Leak-down Tester Dual Gauge Kit w/ case

Cylinder leakage gauge makes it easy to conduct leak-down tests more accurate than standard compression tests.

Quickly diagnose internal engine problems such as bad rings,valves and leaking head gaskets.
Kit come complete withadapters for most applications. Features and benefits:

  • Dual 2-1/2" gauges feature metal bezel with ruggedrubber protective outer boot.
  • Input gauge scales read 0-145 psi (10 bar, 1000 kpa), Second (measuring) gauge measures in % leakage. This leakdown gauge reads 0 to 100% leakage in 5% increments. Gauge also is colored to represent low leakage, moderate or high leakage rates.
  • Pressure regulated manifold includes quick chrome plated couplers.
  • Long flex 20" 14 mm hose and smaller 9" long 14mm hose.
  • 12 mm and 14 mm thread chrome plated adapters.
  • Blow molded hard case
  • Quickly diagnose problems with pistons, rings, and valves
  • For all domestic and imported engines
  • Will work on vehicles with low clearance
  • Rubberized protectors for gauges
  • Easy Adjust Hand Knob
  • Easy-to-read gauges for proper testing and accurate results
  • Easy-to-adjust regulator