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Piston Ring Pliers 80mm 120mm (WT04082)

Piston Ring Pliers 80mm 120mm (WT04082)

SKU: 95800

3-1/4" - 4 3/4" (80mm to 120mm) Piston Ring Pliers Installer Remover

The piston ring pliers used to remove and mount piston rings easily and quickly, without damage and bump of the piston rings. Used for pistonsfrom 3.250" to 4.750" Perfect for automotive engines
Use the Piston Ring Pliers to mount and removal piston rings without getting hand cramps or destroying parts, replace piston rings without the danger or damage, breakage or distortion.

  • Universal design Piston Ring Plier can be used on most vehicles, such as cars, truck, motorcycles, ATV's, boats
  • Capacity: 80-110mm pistons in diameter
  • Smooth gripping edge Piston Ring Tongs prevents damage to piston ring during installation
  • Nickle plated finish Piston Install Pliers and Plastic handle