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Hitch Adapter small end to large end

Hitch Adapter small end to large end

SKU: 65023

1-1/4" to 2" Hitch Receiver Adapter for Towing Accessories Bike Luggage Rack
NOT FOR TOWING USE only for Hitch accessories

This hitch adapter is great for bike racks and other hitch-mounted accessories.

Convert a 1-1/4" opening to accept 2" inserts for bike racks, luggage platforms, etc.

The tongue capacity is rated at 350 lbs. for Class II hitches.

5/8" Hole for pins, Pin hole 2.50" from the 2" end of the adapter

1-1/4" pin hole 2" from end of 1-1/4" square solid stock end.

1-1/4" shaft is solid steel

2" tubing wall is 1/4" thick (0.250")

Large box end solid steel lip for extra strength and improved appearance

Note this adapter is stronger than most on the market as the 1-1/4" solid steel square tube is inserted through the 2" tube rear flange and not just butt welded. This gives the hitch more strength to overcome the dynamic loading.

  • Corrosion and Rust Resistant Finish

Length from hole to hole: 7" Overall length: 11-1/2" Shipping Weight: 7.50 lbs.