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Bumper Hitch Mount Receiver

Bumper Hitch Mount Receiver

SKU: 64025

RV 4" or 4-1/2" Bolt On Bumper Hitch Mount Receiver Adapter
2" Standard Hitch Receiver Tube for Bike Rack or Cargo Rack Mounting

This model has a hold down bolt to keep the racks from making noise or being wobbly

  • Steel construction works on 4" or 4 1/2" square RV Bumpers
  • Powder-coated rust resistant finish, Zinc Plated Hardware
  • Do not exceed RV manufacturers bumper specs
  • 2" Receiver Tube accepts bike racks, toters, cargo racks etc etc
  • Adapter weight : 10 lbs
  • Bolt the adapter onto your bumper and you are ready to go. Only use with continuous welded steel bumpers. Not for use on aluminum or spot welded steel bumpers.