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Diesel Engine Compression Tester

Diesel Engine Compression Tester

SKU: 8030

14Pc Professional DIESEL Direct and In-Direct Engine Compression Pressure Tester Gauge Kit


  • Kit comes complete withadapters for both direct and indirect diesel injected cars engine
  • Professional Quality Kit
  • Checks diesel engine compression under cranking conditions
  • Small profile, quick coupling adapters: for speed and security
  • Built-in pressure relief valve: enables repeat tests without dismantling
  • Flexible hose (355 mm) gives access to restricted plug and injector ports
  • Dual scale 80 mm diameter Gauge 0 - 1000 Lb/In and 0 - 70 bar
  • Contents:
    • 80mm Dial 1000 PSI, 70 bar Gauge Assembly with hand grip protective rubber boot
    • Stanadyne Dummy 112mm (length) x 19mm (Diameter)
    • Dummy DL Injector 114mm (Length) x 21mm (Diameter) 
    • Glowplug Adapter- 114.4mm Length with M10 x 1.25 Thread
    • Glowplug Adapter- 119mm Length with M10 x 1.0 Thread
    • Glowplug Adapter- 73.5mm Length with M10 x 1.25 Thread
    • Glowplug Adapter- 54mm Length with M12 x 1.25 Thread
    • Glowplug Adapter- 72mm Length with M14 x 1.25 Thread
    • Dummy Injector M20 - 78mm Length with M20 x 1.5 Thread
    • Dummy Injector M24 - 64mm Length with M24 x 2.0 Thread
    • Clamp Plate 63.5mm , 25mm wide, 17mm hole diameter
    • Replacement Seal & Washer Set
    • 90 degree elbow
    • Formed fitted case
    • Heat shielded, reinforced hose