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1/4" Drive Torque Wrench

100 Grit Cylinder Hone Stones

10MM 3/8" Replacment Drill chuck

12 pc Oil Pressure Test Kit

12" Oil Filter Pliers

13MM 1/2" Replacment Drill chuck

144 Body Shim Assortment

1500 Watt Dual Temperature Heat Gun

180 Grit Cylinder Hone Stones

18pc Radiator Pressure Tester Kit

2 Blade Brake Hone Tool

2 Foot Long Reach Air Blow Off Gun with Removable Extension Wand

240 Grit Cylinder Hone Stones

2lbs Brass Hammer

2pc Pistol Shaped Air Blow Gun

3 pc Hinge Drill Set

320 Grit Cylinder Hone Stones

38 Piece Brush Kit with Case

4 in Piston Ring Compressor

400 Grit Replacement Stones

46 pc Harmonic Ballancer Puller

5 Pc Front End Tool Set

5pc Body Trim Remover Tool Set

5pc Spray Gun Nylon Tube Brush Set

6" Tall Band Piston Ring Compressor

80 Grit Cylinder Hone Stones

90 degree drill attachment

Abrasive Cleaner Replacement Media

Advance Timing Light in Package

Axle Bearing Remover Set 3 pc in case

Ball Joint Master Adapter Set 14 pcs (17014)

Ball Joint Service Kit 4 wheel Drive ( 38349)

Ball Joint Service Super Kit 19pcs

Ball Joint Set

Battery Tester 500 amp load carbon pile

Black - Flame Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Brake Disc Caliper

Brake Hone Tool

Brake Pump Bleeder Kit

Brush Kit in Package 10 pcs

Bubble (ISO) Double Flare Tool Set - Metric

Bushing Driver Kit English

Chain Breaker and Riveting Tool Kit

Chain Link Breakers

Chain Pin Link Breaker

Chain Ratchet Drive Tool

Compression Tester

CrankShaft Alignment Tool Kit

Cylinder Dial Bore Gauge

Cylinder Leak Down Tester - Import

Deluxe Kit Bubble (ISO) and Standard Flare Kits

Diesel Engine Compression Tester

Disc Brake Spreader Tool

Disc Brake Windback tool - 10pc w/case

Disc Brake Windback tool -18pc w/case

Disc Brake Windback tool -35pc w/case

Double Flare Tool Set - Standard

Dowling Jig

Engine Hone Tool (Piston Cylinder Hone)

Engine Oil Pressure Measure Gauge Kit

Engine Oil Pressure Measure Gauge Super Kit

Engine Oil Pump Primer Tool

Engine Wash Wand

Float battery charger

Fuel Injection Tester Kit

Fuel Tank Lid Removal Tool

Gravity Feed Portable Pneumatic Sand Blaster Gun

Grommet Eyelet pliers

Grommet pliers

Heavy Duty Tubing Cutter

Hinge Drill Set 7pc in Wood box

Hot Air Gun Kit with Adapters

Master Fuel Injection The Master Kit

Mechanic Stethoscope

Oil Filter Band 4-5/8 to 5-1/8 inch

Oil Pump Primer - Ford 1/4 Inch

Oil Pump Primer - Ford 5/16 Inch

Oil Pump Primer - GM Chevy

Orange Induction Timing Light Gun

Overhead Valve Spring Removal Tool

Panel Clip Removal Pliers

Piston Ring Chrome Red Handled Pliers

Piston Ring Pliers 80mm 120mm (WT04082)

Pneumatic Brake Fluid Bleeder

Pneumatic Spark Plug Cleaner

Propane gauge

Puller Remover Set

Radiator Pressure Tester Pump Kit

Replacement C Clamp/Thread for Ball Joint

Step Drills - HSS4241

Step drills - M2

Strut Spring Compressor

Stud Puller 1/2"

Suction Cup Hand Valve Grinders (SR-057)

T Handle Tap Wrench Set 3 Drill Tap Ream 1/16 - 1/2 Hardened Tempered Jaws

Telescopic Bore Gauge Set

Tire Wheel Chock Clamp (2008)

Vacuum Pump - Handheld Pistol Grip Brass Chamber

Vacuum Pump - Handheld Plier with Brass Chamber

Vacuum Pump - Handheld Plier with grip 2 bleed cups

Valve Spring Compressor C-Clamp w/5 tubes

Valve Spring Compressor Jaw Style w/ Knob

Valve Stem Seal Pliers

Vise Grip Style Oil Filter Pliers

White - Flame Auto Darkening Welding Helmet